In Which We Have a Real Client, And We’re Actually Building

Halfway through the first of two weeks things are going well, I think. We’re working with an affordable apartment complex to design them a community shelter. It’s going to be a small structure, about sixteen feet by 11 feet at the widest, and it will be placed in a grassy common area between the buildings near the edge of the lot. It’s going to be made out of wood and a bit of translucent fiberglass on the roof, and we’re going to try to start the beginning stages of construction tomorrow. Because of size constraints on the road to the complex, we’re going to build the whole thing here at the school, take it apart, transport it, and then reassemble it on-site.

We’ve been doing all group work so far, which is always hard for me because I can tend to get pretty set on an idea I think is good at the expense of considering other ideas. But the groups have been working smoothly, and this is a really valuable experience for me. It’s also incredibly nice to have a real client, an actual budget, and be designing for the reality of what we can build in a week-and-a-half. Plus I think the fact that I’ll actually have some design/build experience when I graduate from architecture school is a pretty great thing. It only makes sense, right?

With regards to the weather and the scenery, it couldn’t really be any more perfect. Being here is absolutely a continuation of the beauty and sense of peace I felt during my two months going out to California, being there, and coming back. I can’t believe what I’ve seen in the past two-and-a-half months when I stop and think about it.


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