In Which I Imagine This Is Like Working At a Firm

We have our design nailed down now and we’re ready to order the lumber and start actual construction of the project. I think we’ve got a really nice design and hopefully when it’s all built we’ll have something good (maybe even capital G good). This morning was spent largely on doing the material count so we know what to order. Doing the business end of things is kind of nice too because there’s no chance to do that in school, and it seems like something a student might need to know how to do.

Yesterday it rained from about three in the afternoon until we went to sleep around eleven, which weighed down the trees, slicked the grass, and cooled down the air. The summer soaking we got during daylight turned into a kind of light foggy mist by the time it got dark, and I walked back to my cabin enveloped in a kind of wet hush. This morning it was cool and the fog was coming down off the mountains creating the valley we’re in, and it hardly seemed like July at all. More and more I’m struck by the beauty and peace of this place.

Here are the figures for our lumber order, sourced from local mills:

structural pieces:
10 count of 2x6x14 feet
10 count of 2x6x10 feet
10 count of 2x6x8 feet
6 count of 2x4x12 feet
2 count of 2x6x12 feet
15 count of 2x4x8 feet
16 count of 2x10x10 feet
2 count of 2x10x16 feet
2 count of 6x6x16 feet, pressure treated
roof deck:
60 count of 2x4x12 feet
side wall slatting:
8 count of 1x4x12 feet
8 count of 1x4x10 feet
8 count of 1x4x8 feet
back wall slatting:
32 count of 1x4x8 feet
floor and bench decking:
120 count of 1x4x8 feet, cedar


One thought on “In Which I Imagine This Is Like Working At a Firm

  1. williamhudson says:

    You seem to have caught the essence of Vermont, much like I did in 2005. You should see it covered in snow. It still irritates me that Levi doesn’t properly appreciate Vermont.

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