In Which Work Is Progressing

Four out of the five support systems are built and we’ll have the fifth built within the first hour after lunch. The first one went slowly but once we had templates and knew where everything goes the rest of them went really fast. The pieces were all cut last night and stacked so we had them ready this morning, and we knocked out two of them in a couple hours. With thirteen people the work goes fast, although there are times of standing around because there are too many people for the work we need to do right now.

I should talk about the food for a minute. I got on the meal plan here instead of bringing my own food, and that turned out to be the right decision. There are a few people who do the cooking, and about half the time it’s been vegetarian. They have gardens here, so they grow all the plants and herbs needed for the food, and the stuff not produced here at the school is organic and local. Lots of vegetables like cucumber, zuchini, onions, peppers, etc., and even though I don’t usually like those specific vegetables they’re strangely amazing here. The cooks know what they’re doing, and it’s obvious they care about food and health. When we do get meat it’s really great stuff; thick-cut bacon, ham, chicken…I eat really well at home and even though I wouldn’t say this is better than home, it’s definitely different in a good way. Even with all the strange food you might imagine coming from an earth-conscious school in the middle of Vermont, there hasn’t been anything I haven’t liked. The salads all have really good greens, and sometimes edible flowers, and to drink it’s usually water in pitchers with either lemon balm and honey or green plants from the garden steeping in it. They also have a lot of different kinds of teas, which I’ve found to be helpful when we have to wake up early. It’s definitely a slow food kind of place, and if you want more info on slow food read this link for a decent introduction.

Also, just to make my parents panic, my left ankle is swollen and sore even though I never sprained it. I just woke up two mornings ago with it like that, and it’s getting progressively worse, going from swelling only during the day and only sore when I push on a certain spot to swollen all the time and painful all the time. WebMD says either arthritis or heart failure, but I hope it’s neither of those.


3 thoughts on “In Which Work Is Progressing

  1. Fred says:

    Is there anyone there who can take a look at it, that knows what they’re doing?

  2. Josh says:

    i don’t know, there might be. you know how i don’t like to take medicine or go to the hospital, but if it’s worse tomorrow i’ll see if someone’s here.

  3. Fred says:

    you may have trouble finding a doc on Sun. I was thinking spider bite since you’re in a cabin.That can be very dangerous. Get it looked at. Mom

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