In Which Brett Favre, Rush Limbaugh, and I Have Something In Common

I’m on Vicodin now. The swollen ankle I wrote about yesterday got bigger and redder by the end of the day and I decided to take my parents’ advice and ask someone what I should do. I asked one of the interns here if there was anywhere I could go, and then it got made into a bigger deal than I wanted it to when everyone in the class saw it and started freaking out a little. They told me to go to the hospital, so I got a ride from another of the interns and went to the hospital in Montpelier, the closest one at about thirty minutes away (Montpelier, by the way, is tiny and looks like it would be a really cool place to live. Their one main street looked really great.).

At the hospital the doctor diagnosed it almost immediately as a skin infection, which he says I could have gotten from almost anything. Maybe my ankle got bumped and a microscopic cut opened, or something like that. So they gave me an antibiotic drip through a vein on the top of my hand, and a prescription for twenty more antibiotic pills I have to get filled today. They also gave me Vicodin even though I told them the pain was only a one or two on a scale to ten. So now I have valuable, powerful, and addictive painkillers and am probably on my way to becoming a drug dealer because I’ve already had people say they’d take them off my hands if I don’t use them all.

As far as the design/build work goes, all five trusses are finished now. Today is our day off, and tomorrow we’re going to get the rest of the small support pieces put together so that from Tuesday until the end of the week all we have to do is put the cedar planking on it. There’s a lot of cedar so it’ll take a while, but we’re all confident we can finish by the end of our time here, on Friday.

Thanks for reading this blog.


One thought on “In Which Brett Favre, Rush Limbaugh, and I Have Something In Common

  1. Fred says:

    I’m choosing to ignore the last sentence of the second paragraph. :)

    I’m glad you got it taken care of.

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