In Which These Pills Better Work

I’ve got the medicine now and hopefully in a few days my ankle will be back to normal. If not, I’m assuming I’ll have to spend the rest of my life with a sore and swollen ankle; I don’t know how these things work.

Yesterday was our day off so a few of the group went into Montpelier (thirty minutes away, where my hospital is) while a couple others and I went into Burlington, which is about an hour away to the north. Burlington is bigger than Montpelier even though the latter is the capital, and Burlington is a really nice town. Still not very big, but it’s got a nice downtown with one of the streets blocked off so it’s a walking streets with stores and restaurants on either side. It’s also right on the edge of Lake Champlain, which is beautiful and surprisingly big. We also went to the Magic Hat brewery, just outside of Burlington, and saw the factory floor and got some really great free beer.

The work is going well and it looks like we’ll get it done in time. Better than the work, though, is the people here. As I’m getting to know the people in my class and the other interns who are around doing work, I’m learning that they’re incredible people and really valuable to me right now. It’s always nice to find people you have something in common with that you can recognize.

Thanks for reading this blog.


3 thoughts on “In Which These Pills Better Work

  1. Fred says:

    Did you have #9? It’s good.

  2. Josh says:

    i didn’t try that because i’ve already had it. i tried their summer red, which was excellent, but didn’t try any more because the vicodin was making me feel a little sick. but the other guys tried an i.p.a. and a porter and said both were great.

  3. Fred says:

    Yeah, beer and vicodin is not a real good combination

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