In Which The Pills Aren’t Working

The swelling is worse and it’s spreading, so I’m going back to the hospital tonight. That’s enough about that subject.

The work here is going well and we’re sure to be done by the end of the week. There is a dance party in Montpelier on Thursday being DJ’ed by an intern here, so we’re trying to get it done by Thursday night, but we absolutely have to have it done by the dedication ceremony at four on Friday. Then we have a graduation ceremony and a party. The roof work has begun and the decking has all been put down. Tomorrow we take it out to the site and finish it all there. Thankfully I’ve been able to keep working just as much as everyone else.

Last night was a dance party out in the quonset hut here, but I didn’t feel like partying so I just hung out with a couple other classmates and then stopped by the party to check it out right before I went to bed. It was dying down quickly by the time I got there, but when I heard M.I.A. on the stereo and saw that they had a bottle of Maker’s Mark, I thought maybe I should have shown up sooner.

Thanks for reading this blog.


2 thoughts on “In Which The Pills Aren’t Working

  1. williamhudson says:

    You’re welcome… for reading this blog.

    I was out of town working for about a week, and I had to read about 6 of your blogs today to catch up. I went to Lake Champlain when I was 6 years old, and I’ve never forgotten how big it was. I find it interesting that you would come away with the same impression.

  2. Josh says:

    i was thinking about lake champlain and wondering why i wasn’t so awed by the size of lake erie when i used to go up there. my conclusion is that lake erie seems so much like the ocean, and you can’t see the other side, that it didn’t seem any different from the ocean. but lake champlain is more like an actual lake: smaller waves, cleaner water, etc. so the size seems so great

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