In Which the Semester Has Started

I’m sorry for not writing in a while, or at least longer than I like to. This summer it was so easy to find things to write about once every couple days or more, but now that I’m back in Charlotte and going to school, things have become pretty routine again and there’s not much to talk about.

So far it looks like this semester is going to be a good one. Studio, elective, thesis work… everything looks pretty good. Some of the studios have been moved around this year so I’m not in studio bays next to my classmates’ studios anymore. The room I’m in is a separate room away from all the other studios, so it’s going to be strange not being able to just pop over to a friend’s desk to see their work or just talk. Thankfully I see my classmates at other times outside of studio, so it’s not like that part of my life has just been cut out or anything.

I’m also writing some this semester for an art gallery being run by some friends. It’s going to be more creative writing, fictional stuff, which makes me nervous. I don’t write a lot of that kind of thing anymore, and I’ve got all these questions in my head about my ability to do it, and what if people don’t like it or what if they see things in my writing that makes them feel strangely about me, etc. etc. It’s going to be a step in trusting myself and others enough to write something and put it out there to be criticized. For some reason I’m never nervous about putting my architectural work up for critique and judgment, but putting my writing out there scares me. I think I have writing ability, it’s just… it’s a little frightening for me to open myself up like that, because I feel like my writing, if I put some effort into it, shows what I’m like deep down more than my school work or what I say does.

A friend of mine, who I only met less than a year ago but am happily getting to know better as time goes on, started on a Master’s degree this week, and it’s obvious she really loves it. Everything she says, and even the pictures she is taking right now, sort of bubble over with enthusiasm for where her life is right now. That’s such a nice thing to see; it’s a great feeling to know that a friend is in a good place and doing things she has a passion for.

Thanks for reading this blog.


One thought on “In Which the Semester Has Started

  1. Fred says:

    I’ve read your writing, and I think it’s good. It’s been a while since you let your creativity flow. You’ll do fine.

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