In Which I Feel Like I’m Never Writing In This Anymore

If you’re someone who regularly reads this blog and looks forward to new updates, I’m sorry. For both the fact that you look forward to what I write and the fact that I’m not writing here much anymore. I’m busy with school, but I’ve been busier and still updated this, so it’s not that. I guess the main reason is because I’m being hesitant to write about the major issues I’ve been thinking about lately.

I’ve used this blog to push a particular political candidate before, and politics is something I’m very much interested in, but I don’t necessarily like talking about my views here. I’d so much rather discuss political issues with people face-to-face than do it here where all the nuance and context of a real conversation is missing. I’m also partly of the mind that I don’t want to give some of the more radical anti-Obama people the concentration and effort it would take to write intelligently about it. I don’t think they deserve it right now.

Another important thing to me right now is my grandmother’s health. My mom’s mom has been declining slowly for the past couple years, but now we’re to the point where she’s going to die soon. We’ve been called in a couple times in emergency situations to say goodbye to her, but she’s gotten past those moments and is still alive. My cousins who live away from here (she lives in the same town I do) have been flying in to see her while she’s still alive, and It’s been great to see them and spend time with family. But it’s hard for me to write about it all right now because I feel like the things I have to say would sound like a eulogy and I don’t want to write a eulogy while she’s still alive. I’d rather concentrate on her life right now than her death.

School is fine. Thesis is still interesting to me, and I’m enjoying doing research for it. Studio and the tea house elective are going well too. I’ve settled into the daily routine.

Last night I went to a party at an apartment across the street from the school. I’ve become comfortable in that kind of situation, and I like that. Growing up and in high school I wasn’t in the environment that allows for a lot of chances to go to parties, and in fact the circles I grew up in were so small that I wasn’t even around large groups of people my own age much, if ever. In college I began to understand what it meant to live a life of friendship and love for others, and how to relate to people socially. As I’ve matured and reached my mid-twenties I’ve gotten to the point where I can go to a party and be natural. I can talk to strangers and spend a few hours outside in perfect weather, in a backyard with a crowd and a keg. I can look around and wonder how I got here and what it is about me that makes these people want to be my friend, and see that nights like this are one of the most important things in the world.


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