In Which Writing Can Be a Saving Grace Sometimes

This semester I’ve been able to be a part of a couple really exciting things, and being involved with them has been a kind of respite when architecture gets to be too frustrating or annoying. Yes, architecture can absolutely be annoying. One of the things I’ve worked on is the Sweet Tea House that I’ve talked about in a few previous posts; we got it finished on time (and definitely not under budget) and installed in Hodges Taylor Gallery in Charlotte. The opening was a couple weeks ago and the response we overwhelmingly positive. There is an art collector in town that may be buying it, and if she does you can bet I’ll be adding “designer/builder of something for which was paid money” to the end of my name on business cards. If she doesn’t buy it, it’ll be installed back at school and probably be allowed to decompose outside, which we would all be happy with. Pictures of it will be forthcoming soon.

Another project that’s allowed me to be creative is Gallery 9700F, which I’ve also talked about in past posts. The second exhibit opening was last night, and dealt with sound in a really super-creative way. Video and/or text will hopefully be up on the gallery website soon, and I’ll let you all know when it’s there. Like with the first exhibit, I wrote something for it (which you can find one post below this one), and the piece seemed to go over well. A professor of mine asked me if I ever submit anything for publication, and when I told her that I don’t she seemed to think I should. She’s someone whom I respect, and her writing is the kind that shows great talent and cleverness, so if she says something like that to me I think I should listen. I’m going to try submitting things to places (things to places? How much more vague can I get?) and we’ll see if anyone likes what I try to say. Even if nothing gets published I’m really enjoying writing again. It’s awakened the kind of love I have for being able to manipulate words and ideas in just the way I want to and create something out of nothing. I’m very much liking the chance to see something get perfectly translated from my head to paper, because nothing I do in my architectural work ever comes out exactly how I have it in my head. But writing can come out just like I imagine it, and I think that’s what makes it so special to me.

Thanks for reading this blog.


3 thoughts on “In Which Writing Can Be a Saving Grace Sometimes

  1. Cherish Rosas says:

    i feel like words can make up the most beautiful pallet for creativity. i’m definitely excited to see what you write for the next two galleries.

  2. william says:

    I’m glad you’re writing again too. I need to call you some time and catch up.

  3. Josh says:

    yes! call me anytime.

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