In Which I’ve Been Thinking a Lot About What This Blog Is

I was talking to a friend tonight about a few things, and when I was telling her about this blog I said that I don’t write entries as often as I’d like, which made me then think about what this blog is and why I have it and whether it needs to be updated more often.

I’ve never wanted this blog to be a “here’s what I’m doing today” sort of thing. There are blogs like that, and I like some of them a lot, but that’s not the kind of thing I’m going for here. There are also blogs I really enjoy, usually on sites like Tumblr, that are multiple-times-a-day postings of pictures, text, found images, etc. all sort of centered around a general theme (most of them seem to be pictures of pretty girls). And while I like those kinds of blogs I don’t have the time to keep one of those going. So this blog is neither of those. When I started this blog I wanted it to be a place for some longer thoughts about what was going on in the world, what I was doing in school and my life outside it, my views on issues. Basically a dialogue about whatever subjects interested me, but in paragraph form rather than just a few sentences or images. I think this blog succeeds at being that, but that fact means that sometimes there aren’t new entries for a week or two. I had good timing to start this blog in September of 2008, as the Presidential election stuff was going on, which gave me a lot to write about almost every day. Once that calmed down I got through my Spring semester at school and then left for California, where I was able to think and write a lot. Once school started again I got into the routine of not really doing much outside of it, so there wasn’t much to write about. And that’s where I am now. School keeps going every day of the week, and I don’t have as much time as I’d like to keep track of things going on in the outside world. But I’m not going to change this blog into something shallow and trite just so I can have more entries. I’ll keep writing when I feel like I need to. Hope you keep reading when you feel like you want to.

One thing I have been able to keep up with, to an extent, is of course the tragedy and horror in Haiti right now. If you have a little extra, and we all do compared to the Haitians in need, please consider giving some of your time and/or money to support aid organizations helping down there. It’s hard to imagine the amount of suffering going on, because their poverty and need is on an entirely different scale than what we’re used to, but we can at least recognize that these people are in desperate need of help and if there is anything good in us we should do what we can.


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