In Which This Summer Is Like the Opposite of Last Summer

At this time last year I was neck deep in the Great West Coast, living a new life in a shed near the sea, my days filled with movies, reading, the beach, energy, and contentment. My nights were the kind any 26-year-old might want to have.

Now I have graduated but am stuck here until I can complete my thesis, and my life has turned into one of long periods of waiting, lethargy, and boredom split by much-needed moments of something to do. The World Cup is going on now, and that gives me something to put time into, but otherwise I am held still by circumstances outside my control. My thesis committee is nearly all out of the country, and while I’ve sent them my new discourse and am working here and there on new things to show them, I’ve been told to wait until everyone gets back from their travels. You can imagine the concern I have over this when I have to complete my thesis by early August or else I am stuck here another year, unable to move to Nashville or anywhere else and unable to start my life.

So I am having to learn patience as the days roll by without a call from the temp agency, an email from anyone on my committee, or much of anything to just get me out of the house once in a while.


3 thoughts on “In Which This Summer Is Like the Opposite of Last Summer

  1. Sean says:

    It’s funny how different summers are from one to the next. Much more changes in a year than we ever really expect. I can relate to you when you mention the pressure that you have on your shoulders. I’m in the process of applying for grad schools and I’m all but terrified of it.

    Isn’t summer supposed to be the time when we get to kick back and relax?

    Good luck with your thesis work, from what I have heard about it, it sounds really interesting. And, of course, GO USA!!!

  2. Josh says:

    Well, yeah, summer is supposed to be the time to sit back and relax, but in this case I’m being forced to when I feel like I should be working!

  3. rosalie says:

    if you get bored enough there’s always a couch for you in south georgia.

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