In Which I Miss Los Angeles and the West

I was still out in L.A. a year ago after having driven across the country by myself (here, here, and partly here, learning about myself and others and how I can live in relationships. I miss it so much, especially as I read blog posts from one of my dear friends and a friend of hers as they travel down the West Coast, meeting people and learning more about hospitality. Please go check out their travel blog here.

Hospitality is one of the things I’ve been trying to better understand since last fall with Theaster’s Plate Convergence, and as I’m learning more about it the more I realize it’s one of the most important things a person can do. It doesn’t always have to be meals, of course, but any intentional act of letting someone into your life, even for a moment, is such a life-giving thing. It’s a literal self-sacrifice as you give yourself up to the desires and needs of another. It’s so cliché to say this, probably, but please just be friends with people. Be kind, be open, be honest, be willing to let people into your life and be vulnerable towards them.


One thought on “In Which I Miss Los Angeles and the West

  1. Fred says:

    You’re on to something huge. Hospitality, especially at the table is one of the primary ways cultures throughout history, have shown that they value and accept people. One of the defining characteristics of the early church is that they ate together.

    It is only when we are willing to be open and vulnerable that we can really get to know people and build relationships.

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