In Which This Is Another Beginning In a Line of Constant Beginnings

Hi. I’m Josh.

You might know me in real life, or you might not, but either way this new version of my blogging personality is another attempt to portray myself as the kind of person I wish I was and might be someday, if things work out. I’ve had a very text-heavy blog at WordPress for the last two years, and before that a couple other different sites going back almost 10 years. After that long I still feel like my online voice is changing. 

In architecture school we built these things called study models. They’re quick, cheap models used to flesh out an idea, and they’re built with scraps and made to be easily changed or thrown out. But they’re a part of the process in which something reaches fullness. 

We’ll see how this goes. Hope I can convince you to stick around.

Also, hey, you know, suggest people for me to follow if you’d like to.


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