In Which I’m Going Back Home For a Few Days

I’m leaving for Nashville Wednesday afternoon so I can be there for my five-year reunion this weekend. Putting aside how the fact I’m going to my five-year reunion makes me real old, I’m looking forward to this trip so much. That place is home to me more than Charlotte has ever been, and every time I go back for a visit it takes all my strength to leave again.

It’s just so easy and so simple to settle back into the old life there. Same jokes, same stories, same friends, same just being around really good people. I’ve talked about how much the things I used to do there meant to me, how much I fed on the times spent on porches and yards drinking and talking and living with other people, but my God, man… those times are some of the most important and affirming of my whole life. There is so much of me still there, and so much of there still in me here. This weekend is going to be so good.

(What’s funny, though, is that in the last couple months I’ve met some people that seem like my Nashville people. They seem like the kind of people who value time spent together around a bonfire and a beer. Of course I’m meeting them now right before I might move away from Charlotte, but it’s really nice to see that there are creative, deeply good people here too.)


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