In Which This Is How I Feel About Nashville

I’m back in Charlotte after going up to Nashville for Homecoming and my five-year reunion at my undergrad school. Almost every time I go up there, the thought crosses my mind to just stay there, consequences be damned, and make a life there out of whatever I can.

It’s not even so much that the city of Nashville itself is so special, I mean it’s a neat town if you’re a tourist seeing the landmarks, but if you live there it’s not much different from any other place. Good restaurants, cool shops, interesting neighborhoods, little bars and coffee shops the locals go to. But you can find that in any city, really, and I feel like Charlotte has a better downtown and museum scene. 

But the thing is that so many of my friends live there, and whenever I go back it’s a lot like I never left. I’m sleeping on a friend’s futon rather than in a bed of my own, of course, and I’m trying to cram in seeing as many people as I can over two or three days for an hour or two instead of having regular relationships where getting coffee or a beer with someone might be a weekly thing, but it affects me so deeply to see my friends, and see how their lives are going.

So, you know, the city of Nashville is okay. There are better cities. But when I talk about how that place is home to me and that’s where I feel most whole, it’s because of the people who live there.


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