In Which I Need to Be Working

I’ve been applying for jobs at architecture firms for a little while now, and nothing has come of it yet. That’s not really surprising since all of the firms I’ve sent my work to so far are really small and not likely to be hiring. I’m trying to tell myself the reason they haven’t contacted me is because they’re not hiring, not because they don’t like my work. Ignorance is a kind of bliss.

I’ve also been trying to find some kind of job I can have while I’m still here in Rock Hill, until I find an architecture job. I’ve done temp work in the past and am trying to do that again because the pay is decent and it’s usually full-time, but there aren’t even any temp places with open jobs right now. So I’m looking for part-time jobs too, and this is one the problems of living in Rock Hill. I feel like if I lived in Charlotte there would be a lot more part-time jobs, but I can’t afford to be driving from Rock Hill to Charlotte to work a part-time job. I also can’t afford to just move to Charlotte for a part-time job, as much as I’d really like to. I’m kind of stuck here in Rock Hill right now, I guess. That disappointment at living in Rock Hill also comes when I spend time with friends in Charlotte, because it would be so much easier to just live there. I might be able to start substitute teaching soon, though, and that might pay just enough that I wouldn’t be behind on my bills like I am now. That’s really all I’m asking for right now, a job that pays my bills with enough left over for a beer every now and then until I find an architecture job.

I don’t mean for this to sound as bad as it probably does; I think I’ve done a decent job overall of leaving all my teen angst sad blog entries over at my Xanga from eight years ago. I’m incredibly blessed: I’m able to live at home for free, and there is always that safety net when I’m out of work. I’ve found a group of incredible friends who I love being around, and they’re creative and inspirational. I’ve found a church that feels like home even though it’s not the kind of spiritual environment in which I usually feel most comfortable. The weather is turning nice and I can imagine afternoons spent outside with friends soon. The free time I have gives me the chance to teach myself a couple computer programs that might help in my architectural career. Last night a friend included me in a group of people who make art, and that was really affirming. Things are good, really, except for the job stuff.

I just need to be working. I feel like I can do a lot of things if given the chance.


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