In Which I’m Comfortable

These last few months have been full of new relationships of different kinds, as as I start these new relationships, whether they’re an acquaintance, a friendship, or something more, I’m always a little surprised when I handle things well and am comfortable in these new things from the start. 

I’ve written before how I felt like my 27th year was the one where I became a fully-realized person, someone who had finally figured out who he was and the kind of person he could and couldn’t be in certain situations. I feel like that age was when I finally learned how to relate to the world around me in an honest way. Luckily, I’ve met an entirely new group of people after that time of realization, so I’ve been able to watch myself and see how this mature me interacted with new people, the kind of thing that would have made the immature me cripplingly nervous. 

In the last week or so I’ve really been able to see that in my life. Whether it’s being at a picnic with people I know pretty well, or having conversations with people I don’t know that well yet, or sitting close on the couch with someone in the kind of relationship I like even though it’s too early to know what’s ultimately going to happen, I’ve found myself feeling wholly comfortable and peaceful.

The key, I think, is that I’m finally old enough to be a decent human being.


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