In Which the Adult Life is the Busy Life

One of the things I like about Tumblr as opposed to other blog sites I’ve used (WordPress, Blogger, etc.) is that even though I might not write an actual text post in a long time, I still feel like I’m taking in information, connecting with friends, and can contribute something if I want to. It’s not the kind of situation where my blog sits idle when I’m not writing on it; however, I can still write a longer entry when I want to or when I feel like it’s been too long since I’ve done this and I just need to write.

The last couple months have been kind of crazy in the best way possible. During the first few months of this year I’d been working temp jobs while I tried to find architecture work. Most of my temp work was being Ā substitute teaching, but I’d also pick up random hotel conferences or data entry jobs here and there. I was making enough to get by but wasn’t able to save anything, and honestly, most of the time I felt like at my age and with my degree I shouldn’t have been reduced to temp work. I was happy to have the work, and some of it was fun, but I wanted an actual job, something I could start building a life with. About six weeks ago I applied for a job at a small architecture firm based out of Los Angeles but opening an office here in Charlotte. I got an email about the job within a few days, did a phone interview on a Friday, and started the job Monday morning. So far it’s been the perfect job; I’m working on restaurants and since it’s such a small operation (just my boss and me working out of his house for now), I’m able to do everything from fixing red lines to designing furniture, to putting together construction documents and design development sets. It’s really great experience, and even though the pay is low I feel blessed and fortunate to have it because it’s a good place to work and it’s going to set me up well for this career in the future.

A few months ago I decided I was tired of being single and felt like I wanted to start moving toward a married life. I have a sparse dating history, but I felt like I wanted to be done with that, and I started thinking seriously about dating someone. There was a girl I was interested in, and after probably taking too long to figure out whether she might be interested in me too I asked her out. That was two and a half months ago. Right now I’m happier than I’ve ever been, and things are moving quickly toward that married life, I think.

A job, a serious relationship, and my friendships here in Charlotte are growing deeper all the time. This is where my life is right now, it’s good, and I am content.


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