Monthly Archives: December 2011

In Which This Might Be the Last Post For a While

I find myself having less and less to write these days. It’s not because anything is wrong, in fact it might be because things are good, but I just don’t feel like I want to be writing in this blog as much as I used to.

In the past I’ve kept up with things regularly and wrote about religion, politics, news, school, whatever has been on my mind. And I could keep writing about my personal faith, and how I’m continually reminded that I seem to find God most often in silence, calmness, and peacefulness, but I’d rather talk to people in person about that. I’d rather have real-life conversations about liberation theology, books we’re reading, what I think the central themes of the Bible seem to be, why Buddhism isn’t so incompatible with Christianity, what role women and homosexuals have in the modern church in spite of tradition, why there are things to learn from every religion, why I believe someone doesn’t have to specifically be a Christian to be redeemed but not even every Christian will be, what I believe about sin and guilt, and what I think Christianity does a good and bad job of talking about intelligently. I could write about all those things on here, but I think talking about them face-to-face, when you’re able to recognize emotion and depth of feeling and nuance, is better and more healthy. Even an email conversation is better than the kind of feedback blog entries provide.

I could write about politics, why I think people who are so disillusioned by Obama after voting for him need to calm down a little, why I think the Republican party is a joke that’s sold out its ideals to right-wing ultraconservatives, why I think religion doesn’t have a place in government, why I’m never happy with either American party, why it’s unfortunate that socialism will never work the way it’s supposed to, and why the fact that the majority of people don’t keep up with factual news is a big reason why politics in this country are so absurd. I could write about all those things in this blog, but it’s so much more interesting to have actual conversations about those things instead of just writing something and never knowing what people have to say about it.

I could write about my job, but the one I have is ending soon and every day is mostly the same kind of work. I enjoy it a lot, but I have to find another one soon, and who wants to hear about that anyway?

I could write about my fiancĂ©e and our relationship, but that seems too private for the internet. Suffice to say that I’m happy, and that every single day as I go through my daily questions of “Is this the right job for me, is this the right faith for me, is this the right city for me, is this the right person for me?” I find a new thing that makes me more sure she is good for me and right.

For whatever reason I’m just not feeling like writing these posts much anymore. My actual life is so rich right now, and so filled with friends and family and actual living that it feels a little cheap and inauthentic to be writing in this blog much. But if you want to talk, send me an email or something. Better yet, let’s go out and get a drink and talk about whatever you want to talk about. I’d be really happy to do that.